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Ladies First helps eligible women get breast, cervical and heart health screenings.

Frequently Asked Questions: For Providers

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Does Ladies First cover Preventive Visits?

Because the scope of a preventive medicine visit is so much larger than the scope of Ladies First services, Ladies First does not cover preventive medicine visits. The intent of this policy is to prevent members from getting bills for services ordered at a preventive medicine visit that Ladies First does not cover.  Ladies First Covered Services...

Does Ladies First pay for second opinions and consulatations? 

Yes, Ladies First pays for second opinions and consultations. Learn more about referrals here.

Does Ladies First pay for BRCA testing?

No, Ladies First does not pay for BRCA testing. Ladies First does pay for genetic counseling. More information here. 

Does Ladies First pay for cancer treatment?

No, Ladies First cannot pay for any sort of cancer treatment. If your patient is diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, the clinical navigator can help transition the member onto the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP). Learn more about BCCTP here. 

Does Ladies First pay for colonoscopies?

No, Ladies First does not pay for colonoscopies. 

If I refer my patient to Ladies First at their appointment today, will their appointment be covered by Ladies First?

Yes, Ladies First coverage is retrodated 90 days from the application signature date.

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Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street
P.O. Box 70, Drawer 38
Burlington, VT 05402
Phone: 800-508-2222
Fax: 802-657-4208

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